Web development


The development of customised web applications requires an intensive analysis of the tasks in order to offer the best solution. This is because the number of people interacting with such solutions can be very large, which is why usability, scalability and ergonomics are particularly important.

Challenges for the customer

To identify and utilize the correct solutions on the market for their purpose. And to cover all requirements.

What we offer

BestSolution supports, advises and develops customised solutions taking into account all requirements. Other factors such as scalability are included and taken into account. One focus is also on accessibility. We make sure that it works and is acceptable in the context of the legal framework. In the development of web applications, there is no overnight solution. It is a process, the path is created by walking together.

Development Web-UI-library / GUI-Framework

Type of customer
public sector

German Justice  / Development alliance of all German federal states

2017 - ongoing

For our client, we were entrusted with the development of a UI library for >30,000 users based on a GUI builder and a WYSIWYG editor. Specialist users can thus easily generate interface masks based on the programmed UI elements, which fulfil all requirements in terms of operation (interaction requirements) and design without further intervention.


Tom Schindl, CTO

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