No Risk, No fun

Our founding was more of a spontaneous thing. The entrepreneurship found us and we were brave enough to take the chance and founded BestSolution in 2002. And for us only being a Twen, we got far in the past 20 years.

In 2022, we look back at two decades of successful company history. We grew with our tasks and as a team. We developed extensive solutions and got projects on track for our customers: both nationally and internationally.

We raise our glasses and would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients, our partners and, of course, our team for their trust and the always excellent professional cooperation. Together it simply works better.

Onto the next 20 years!

Tom Schindl, Bernd Reitmair & Udo Rader


“We are proud of what we accomplished and realized in the last 20 years and we are happily looking forward to the next ones.”


Tom Schindl, Bernd Reitmair & Udo Rader


Founding in Innsbruck

The focus of BestSolution at the foundation lies on Java, databases (Oracle, MySQL) as well as Linux. Based on that we started with our first big “baby”: a web based auditing software solution for a global top 500 pharma client

Bestsolution goes Eclipse / RCP

We successfully complete our first bigger application based on the client-server-model under Eclipse. Its BiSCAT Social, a management solution for social associations. 17 years later, the client is still our customer: MOHI Tirol

Longtime partnership

BestSolution starts working for GE/innio group. A cooperation that still exists today. We support the industrial group in the areas of software development and maintenance, and provide advice and support in IT matters.

Eclipse Architecture Council (EAC)

We get admitted into the internationally renowned circle of the EAC – a honor for BestSolution. The admission to the EAC underlines the Eclipse Foundtion’s appreciation for the intensive and log-term commitment for developing the Eclipse platform.

The birth of e(fx)clipse 1.0

With the release of this first version, our extensive know-how in the areas of JavaFX and Eclipse becomes clearly visible. We thus succeed in building a bridge between JavaFX tooling and runtime for Eclipse. Our framework is still used today - in aerospace, industry and public administration.

We Have A Champion!

Tom Schindl, Co-owner and CTO of BestSolution gets appointed as JavaChampion. This rare and special award is given to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the Java community.

Best Solutions for the German justice

For many justice development alliances of German federal states (including gefa, bk.text, go§a), we are involved in providing services in the areas of consulting, software architecture as well as development and maintenance of software (primarily in the area of Java and JavaFX).

Infrastructure at the Pulse of time

In the course of our steady modernization, we put into operation our first OpenShift Kubernes OKD Cluster in our data center in Innsbruck.


New Headquarters ready for use

Our new offices quarters are completed and we move into the Salurer Straße in the center of Innsbruck.


Justice tender won

In the course of the call for tenders for the “gemeinsames Fachverfahren” (GeFa), we are again contracted by the development alliance of all German federal states for consulting services as well as the development and maintenance of web components and GUI generators.

Happy Birthday To Us!

We celebrate 20 years of BestSolution and thank every client, our employees and partners very much! In the course of our anniversary we additionally launch our new website.