An essential aspect of our work is advising public institutions, private sector companies and listed corporations. Consulting is an essential part of the cooperation with our clients. We advise and work pro-actively. We take the latter literally and approach our clients in good time in the event of foreseeable changes, provide information and make recommendations for action. We see this as service on top, as it is our concern to provide our clients with the best possible support and advice. We can afford to do this because we work together as a team, act on our own responsibility and use suitably flat hierarchies. At BestSolution, the left hand knows what the right hand is doing and vice versa.

Arbeitendes Team in der Planung

Requirements management

A slow uptake is exactly what slows down projects in a highly digitalised IT world, geared towards effectiveness and efficiency: Lengthy coordination, slow loading or tiring runtimes. It is essential to identify deficiencies and obstacles in time, to avoid and to eliminate them with appropriate measures to ensure the best quality.

Software Architecture

At BestSolution, we consider desigining, planning and developing efficient software architectures to be the pinnacle of information technology. Customised solutions as an answer to specific problems are the be-all and end-all and require comprehensive knowledge and well trained instincts.

We are strongly anchored in open source platforms, rely on them and are committed to contribute back. Although this can often be often a rather bread-and-butter activity that consumes time and resources, we see an added value for us and the worldwide community.

Proof of Concept

Decision risks can be greatly minimised with the help of Proof of Concepts (PoC). Security gaps or shortcomings in operation can be identified at an early stage by means of a PoC. This process is particularly helpful in large companies and public institutions where a large number of different end devices are in use.

Project Support

We are not only available as a solution providers, but we also advise and accompany teams in complex projects. With our expertise, we can precisely assess what needs to be taken into account and make recommendations for action.

High Availability & Scalability

Let's face it: technical blackouts can be a terrifying distaster. After all, business and production processes are nowadays largely digitalised and controlled by computers and software.


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