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At best, we accompany a project’s path from the beginning till completion. The end of the project is often in the future, some projects last 10 or even 15 years. In the field of software development, we develop - according to the given problem and tasks - sustainable IT concepts for our clients, taking into account future viability and scalability as well as complete accessibility.

Developing, planning and creating core software development projects for institutions with more than 40,000 employees are part of our portfolio. We start with an analysis to identify the most suitable frameworks, followed followed by the on-boarding of further experts (e.g. design, test), before individual interface elements and backend components are programmed step by step. A regular exchange with the clients is very important to us.

Our approach is always holistic: we do not focus on offer short-term solutions, but rather think from the very beginning about how a project could evolve further and how we can ensure the future of a project.

Web development

The development of customised web applications requires an intensive analysis of the tasks in order to be able to offer the best solution. This is because often a huge number of employees has to interact with these web developments, and usability, scalability and ergonomics are therefore particularly important.

Desktop development

In recent years, we have implemented future-ready desktop developments for many of our clients, which, for example, has enabled uniform appearance and usability of applications on any operating system.


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