Software Architecture


At BestSolution, we consider desigining, planning and developing efficient software architectures to be the pinnacle of information technology. Customised solutions as an answer to specific problems are the be-all and end-all and require comprehensive knowledge and well trained instincts.

We are strongly anchored in open source platforms, rely on them and are committed to contribute back. Although this can often be often a rather bread-and-butter activity that consumes time and resources, we see an added value for us and the worldwide community.

Challenges for the Customer

The area of software architecture is subject to huge and fast-changing trends. What “the Cloud” is today, has been the mainframe in the past. Our clients are facing the question of whether it should be a centralised or decentralised solution. This is complemented by the search for answers for an infrastructure that can also be scaled to suit the project. The topic of “microservices” is increasingly on the agenda. In other words, not one program works in the background, but many small programs fulfil the complex tasks and functions of modern IT.

What we offer

BestSolution provides you with advice and assistance. Here, our competence in consulting, our knowledge and our experience are needed. We help and support clients with solving their challenges, we plan and also incorperate the management of all requirements, a vital part in the process of finding the perfect software architecture.


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