e(fx)clipse - JavaFX

JavaFX was released by Oracle in 2011 as the official successor of swing and is as UI framwork since then responsible for a very modern look and feel in a wide range of Java desktop applications.

BestSolution has been substantially involved in this subject area since then and was - with its project e(fx)clipse - able to provide the bridge between Eclipse and JavaFX, which allows today a modern JavaFX development right within the Eclipse IDE.

e(fx)clipse offers tooling as well as runtime of the Eclipse platform for the JavaFX develpment and enables you to build outstanding UIs with and on basis of Eclipse:

  • Tooling: e(fx)clipse provides you absolutely seamless JavaFX integration into the Eclipse IDE and offers you the smartest JavaFX-CSS and FXML editor. With e(fx)clpse you enjoy all the well-known features of your Java editor (like autocompletion, error markers, Javadoc, ...) also in your JavaFX projects

  • Runtime: With e(fx)clipse you are able to build your JavaFX applications the easiest possible way and directly basing on the Eclipse 4 framework. No matter if you build a datacentric application, want to visualize data or develop you own smart IDE, e(fx)clipse runtime provides reusable components for all areas.
The idea for e(fx)clipse arose in our team already in 2011 and since then we developed it in the following years in-house from scratch to market maturity. In accordance with our project plan and in order to achieve the appropriate market scope for e(fx)clipse we subsequently handed it over to the Eclipse Foundation as an Eclipse project under our project leadership some years ago.
Meanwhile we and our "child" e(fx)clipse build the base of a huge range of successful projects in companies and institutions all over the world.

Of course - also after the project transmission - as project leads we kept full responsibility for the project e(fx)clipse - for example regarding future project directions, further development, etc. - and can therewith offer to our customers unique possibilities in conjunction with their own projects (like a potential influence on future development paths or also possibilities for modifications directly in the codebase of e(fx)clipse, etc.).

Beside of framework development and implementation/implementation assistance of/for (customer-)projects BestSolution acts in this area also very comprehensively in consulting/advisory functions and is in addition to that with speeches and discussion groups on numerous international congresses (like for example JavaOne/San Francisco or EclipseCon US and Europe) in permanent contact and communication with all relevant market players.

Further information and ongoing project updates you can find on the official Eclipse project homepage under www.eclipse.org/efxclipse as well as on our e(fx)clipse added-value pages under efxclipse.bestsolution.at.

Conclusively we want to provide you a collection of documents/information links, which can give you further insights into the project:
comment - sponsoring possibilities: The base development of e(fx)clipse as a pure open source project is currently not receiving funds of any governmental entity. A range of companies and institutions apply themselves frequently into the project as sponsors for targeted requirements ("sponsored development"), some support e(fx)clipse beside this also with "donations" without any specific contentual scope.
We are very glad about this support for the further development and also maintenance of e(fx)clipse and would be more than thankful, if also you could consider such a sponsorship! Make contact with us in this concern right away per EMail to info@bestsolution.at or make use of our project donation button on this page.