EDV Systemhaus GmbH

About us is a dynamic, innovation oriented company, bundeling the know how and expertise of IT experts from different core realms. We are a software and service company offering highest quality solutions and support for developers and customers in all industries. and Eclipse
Founded in 2002 by three real time technology oriented experts, it became obvious quickly, that we needed a sound UI platform to build our products on. By this time, Eclipse was strategically chosen as the required bleeding edge technology and over the years, we have grown as internationally reputated Eclipse experts.

As honored Eclipse professionals (e.g. Eclipse Foundation awarded experts, project leads of and committers for several Eclipse projects, member of the e4 Architecture Council, co-author of EMF-based prototype Eclipse e4 platform is based upon, ...), the Eclipse platform builds the center of our services and products.

This allows to act as your most best partner for all your concerns - with highly innovative and state of the art solutions at the highest quality level. We provide complete (tailored) software solutions, develop entire frameworks as well as single plugins, support for your projects in all stages and offer consulting services as well as trainings (also for smaller audiences). and JavaFX - e(fx)clipse
In 2011 Oracle launched JavaFX2, the all new UI and graphics toolkit and official successor of Swing. Since then we have bundled a lot of our development efforts to this area and created the e(fx)clipse project as a bridge technology between JavaFX and Eclipse. The project was launched to ensure that Eclipse remains most popular Java IDE in the world, based upon the deep understanding we have about JavaFX and Eclipse. e(fx)clipse not only comes with all the "comfort" tooling you are used from Eclipse for other UI platform, but provides runtime extensions as well. This allows developers to easily create JavaFX based applications from within Eclipse.

„Founded on experience & knowhow, focussing on what's beyond the technology edge“
We strive to provide our customers with the truly best IT services by offering on the edge technology know how & expertise in the most flexible and cooperation oriented manner. Because of this, our competence focus is bidirectional: both location and aquisition new technology and market posibilities along with broadening our existing core competences.