Our Services

BestSolution.at offers innovative and highly customizable solutions in various business areas.

Since many years our company is strongly focusing on Eclipse/RCP and we have therefore always been a very active partner of the Eclipse Foundation. With our services, solutions and participations we were able to gain excellent reputation from Eclipse Foundation's (including several awards and our appointment into the Eclipse Architecture Council) as well as customers' side.

With our second main focus on JavaFX and our (meanwhile as an Eclipse project - under our leadership - assigned) solution e(fx)clipse - building the bridge between Eclipse and JavaFX - we were also able to convince market players of all sides with our services and ideas.

This strong embeddedness into Eclipse's as well as JavaFX's ecosystem allows us to offer you intelligent and up-to-date processes and solutions for your projects and products and gives us also the chance to involve a broad range of experts out of different areas whenever required.

Beside our commitment for Eclipse and JavaFX, we offer expert know how in the areas of high availability IT systems and the operation of computer- and network infrastructure (ie. the operation of data centres).

We are glad to being able to offer you this huge expertise in different areas and hope, we can welcome you soon as one of our satisfied customers:

  • Software Development
  • State of the art technologies for planning and controlling of projects, combined with the most effective programming languages and frameworks allows us - and yourself - to solve problems individually and in the best possible way.

  • Eclipse Platform-/Plugin Development and Project Support
  • With our comprehensive wealth of experience and the ongoing interaction with the community we are able to ensure our customers a very broad and always up to date pool of knowledge.

  • e(fx)clipse Development & Support
  • Our e(fx)clipse project offers comprehensive JavaFX support (runtime and tooling) within the Eclipse IDE.
    As project founders/owners, we are able to support you with best expertise in all affected areas and even have the ability to integrate your functionalities into the project base on demand.

  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Our experts can also be booked for lecturing and workshops, allowing knowledge transfer at highest level. Rely on the expertise of numerous best rated conference speeches as well as top feedback from our customers in workshops and trainings.

  • IT Infrastructure - High Availability
  • Today's IT systems must meet extremely high requirements when it comes to availability and redundancy. Due to the ever increasing complexity of the underlying technologies, having true expert knowledge becomes essential even more.
    We are looking forward consulting you comprehensively not only about the planning of your highly availably IT infrastructure but are also offering implementation services within your own environment or in one of our data centers.

  • Consulting
  • We offer you comprehensive support and assistance during the entire live cycle of your IT projects:

    • conceptual design
    • planning
    • implementation and monitoring
    • process analysis

Contact us right away under info@bestsolution.at to learn more about our services.