Software Development

State of the art technologies when it comes to planning and controlling of projects, combined with the most effective programming languages and frameworks allows us - and yourself - to solve problems individually and in the best possible way:

  • enterprise grade client and server applications
  • Our application experts create high performing and highly available client/server applications. Mainly based upon J2EE and Eclipse technologies, we deliver cross platform software exactly matching your needs.

  • mobile applications ("apps")
  • With the smartphone market share exploding over the past years, numerous new possibilities have appeared for the future of mobile marketing. We have not only closely been following this trend and but have also developed a dedicated strategy dealing with it, focused on "non native apps". This allows us to offer cost efficient, real cross market and cross platform solutions, working on iPhones&&tm; as well as Android&tm; devices and most other mobile platforms.

  • web 2.0
  • The number of applications deployed with web browsers as their base has been increasing dramatically over the last years. We have comprehensive knowledge in web 2.0 technologies such as ajax, Eclipse RAP, vaadin, GWT, ExtGWT/ExtJS, qoxdoo, XML/XSLT and many more.

  • planning, convoying & supervision
  • State of the art technologies (e.g. UML, analyze- and design patterns, etc.) allow us to make even huge projects both plan and understandable. Together and in permanent coordination with you, we develop your perfect successful solution.