Eclipse and e(fx)clipse Development

As awarded Eclipse experts and the creators of e(fx)clipse, we are able to serve you first hand when it comes to JavaFX and Eclipse.

  • influence and/or sponsor e(fx)clipse development
  • Specify the functionalities you require for your projects and let us do the rest. We develop as well as integrate your new ideas/possibilities into Eclipse's and/or e(fx)clipse's code base within an appointed timeline.

  • Eclipse plugin development
  • We are your right partner for development, adaptation and extension of Eclipse plugins (both open and closed source) in accordance with your specifications and project needs.

  • development and support for your JavaFX projects
  • is your expert for JavaFX2, the all new UI and graphics toolkit developed by Oracle and the official successor of Swing. We bring all these new amazing possibilities into your projects, giving you and your customers a real top of the edge user experience.