Our consultants combine excellent lecturing abilities with practical know how and expertise, supporting your teams with the successful completion of your projects.

Short and exemplary abstract of our consulting services:

  • provide an impression on the possibilities of Eclipse / e(fx)clipse
  • As longtime experts on Eclipse and the creator of e(fx)clipse, we are with the right choice for any type of your projects in those two areas.

  • conceptual and architecture consulting
  • We consult you in every stage of your activities and assist you in keeping your projects future proof:
    • best assembling your planned/new projects
    • analyse/review your running project
    • adapt your architecture/approaches in older projects
    • ...

  • guided implementation
  • We help you through your projects and keep you on track in all possible manners, like:
    • ongoing code analysis and code reviews
    • Analysis and reviews either in prearranged extents or on demand, to ensure keeping your projects on its (best) track.
    • "anytime/everywhere" - available answers for your questions
    • Predefined members of your team receive a dedicated email address (or even phone/netmeeting) for getting answers to their specific questions right at the time when needed.
    • short workshops
    • We also offer on site workshops for key members of your teams, to efficiently spread core information, discuss do's & dont's or introduce bundled knowhow in the main areas of your projects.
    • ...

  • code review and discussion
  • Keeping your projects on track and ready for the future is essential for a successful implementation - let our experts assist you on your way.
    • improve/optimize architecture and implementation of your projects
    • illustrate and discuss future paths of your projects
    • illustrate and discuss future paths of Eclipse and e(fx)clipse
    • ...

  • ...
Let us work together and ensure efficiency and modern/future-proof technologies for your projects. Don't hesitate contacting us via email .