As a dynamic, innovation oriented company we are providing modern and requirement-oriented market solutions since more than 15 years.
Thereby we have mainly focused our services onto the following areas:

  • Java/JavaFX - as a "Java Champion" our development lead belongs to a selected circle of solely about 170 selected Java Champions worldwide
  • Eclipse/RCP - our admittance into the Eclipse Architecture Council and numerous nominations / awards of the Eclipse Foundation and Community testify our best reputation in this area
  • e(fx)clipse - our invention and inhouse-developed solution is worldwide basis of a huge number of successful and well-designed projects in numerous companies and institutions

Our Services

Our desire is the realisation of comprehensive, holistic solutions for our customers, in which

  • tailormade project architecture
  • modern application design
  • high availability
receive main attention.

With bundling knowhow of experts from different core areas we are focusing with our service portfolio upon the areas:
  • software development
  • consulting/guidance
  • knowledge transfer - workshops/trainings.

e(fx)clipse - JavaFX

With e(fx)clipse you have the ability to create outstanding UIs with and based on Eclipse, because e(fx)clipse offers full tooling and runtime of the Eclipse platform now also for your JavaFX projects.

  • Tooling: with e(fx)clipse we are offering absolutely seamless JavaFX-integration into the Eclipse IDE and provide you with the smartest JavaFX-CSS- and FXML-editor available - use all your well-known Eclipse functionalities now also in your JavaFX projects

  • Runtime: with e(fx)clipse you are able to build your JavaFX applications directly basing on the Eclipse 4 framework - e(fx)clipse runtime offers you reusable components in all application areas


Since many years, Eclipse has not only been an excellent IDE, but also a vital base of application development of our modern software world.

With our projects and implementations as well as our comprehensive commitment to the Eclipse eco system we were able to actively help shaping this development and therewith also to gain top reputation both from customers' as well as Eclipse Foundation's and community's side.

Beside numerous nominations/awards this is for example also illustrated by our appointment into the Eclipse Architecture Council.