Eclipse 4.x - "Stay Ready For The Future" is able to meet any requirements regarding the new Eclipse Platform 4.0 (e4) with excellent expertise right from the beginning, because we are the proud co-architects of the new platform, e.g. Tom Schindl has written the EMF-based prototype that the Eclipse e4 platform is based upon.

This allows us to give our customers the big advantage of comprehensive know how and full insight into Eclipse 4.x right from the first second.

There are quite a lot of changes from Eclipse 3.x to Eclipse 4, like ...

  • a model-based user interface framework for specifying the widgets in an application's user interface. This provides the developer a lot more flexibility to design a modern looking UI and remove the 'IDE-ness', that was often introduced into RCP applications
  • a new CSS-based declarative mechanism for application styling allowing you to change the skin of an application with CSS style sheets
  • a programming model oriented around services, that makes it easier to use the services provided by the Eclipse platform
  • and a lot more ...
BestSolution is your right partner! We are able to comprehensively advise and support you regarding any adaptation issues about all the possibilities of Eclipse 4.x and any coordination concerns between Eclipse 3.x and 4.x, including the possibilities to "single source" Eclipse 3.x and Eclipse 4.0 for any existing applications.