We are a dynamic, innovation oriented company, bundeling the expert IT know how from core realms like application development, clustering, databases and much more.
That allows us to ideally meet our customers' requirements.

Our Services is offering innovative and highly customizable solutions in various business areas:

  • software development
  • eclipse project support
  • e(fx)clipse development/support
  • workshops and trainings
  • highly available networking
  • software consulting
  • high availability consulting
  • ...


Our e(fx)clipse plugin for the Eclipse IDE offers comprehensive JavaFX2 support including a complete runtime environment based on the Eclipse 4.x application plattform and on JavaFX2.0. So, e(fx)clipse offers both:

  1. tooling
    • JDT Support
    • PDE Support
    • UI DSL for authoring FXML
    • ...
  2. runtime
    • EMF Edit UI for JavaFX
    • Support for OSGi
    • Support for the Eclipse 4 Application Platform
    • ...


For many years, Eclipse has not only been an excellent IDE, but also a vital base of application development of our software world.
Led by Tom Schindl, co-founder of and Director of Software Development, we have been very active in the Eclipse ecosystem for a long time. Based on comprehensive know how and extensive experience along with solution expertise, enthusiasm and lecturing abilities, we were able to gain best reputation both from our valuable customers' and from the Eclipse Foundation's side.