e(fx)clipse is the tool of choice when it comes to JavaFX2.0 support within the Eclipse IDE. It provides a complete environment (tooling and runtime) based on the Eclipse 4.x application platform and JavaFX2.0:

We are excited about the huge amount of positive market response we get for e(fx)clipse. As such, the Eclipse community voted it into the finals for the best Eclipse Development Plugin Award in 2013.

These additional materials give a good overiew on the project:

Further information and up to date information on the project an be found on the project's homepage www.eclipse.org/efxclipse and also on our additional value added channel under efxclipse.bestsolution.at.

Because e(fx)clipse is developed as an open source project, it is not funded by any other commercial of governmental entity than ourselves. If you are interested in financially supporting the project in any way, please get in contact with us via email info@bestsolution.at. Alternatively, you are also invited to sponsor the project with any any sum, whether small or large, using the project donation process.